Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It has been crazy with school starting and band practice and just everything going on in my life. On the first day of school we were assigned a 6 page paper due in 5 days. That was definately a late one to write. Band has been chaotic because of the new band director but under the curcomstances he is doing very well. I have the opener to the fieldshow memorized except four measures. I am going to be on the field playing the piccolo instead of the mallets this year. I have all new teachers except for three. The first five classes that I have are all taught by female teachers. I think that is really ironic. My scheduel goes as follows: precalculus, government, spanish 2, study skills- to fill out applications-, girls conditioning, CPEIV (college Placement English Four) then my favorite class band. Well sorry this is kind of short compared to the amount of time that I haven't blogged but I have lots of homework. I will try toblog more often I promise.