Friday, July 21, 2006

Sorry I haven't posted inthe last couple of days. I have had a lot going on with friends and really didn't feel like writing those issues down. Yesterday we had a house meeting to duscuss how we have been doing on our chores and how there is only two weeks left in the program. When I went to the recording studio on Tuesday we got to record a man named Mike who played tow songs and we almost got those two songs recorded. That is amazing because it usually takes twice as long if you are being an engineer for the first time. Useing JAWS for a recording program was quite the experience. It isn't that hard once you get all the keystrokes programmed into your brain. There are so many keystrokes that the left and right shift keys mean totally different things. Yesterday me and my friend Lucy went to a Italian Soda Joint and talked for a while. We really needed to get out of the house. Both of us were mad because of situation at our living quarters and we just had to get away to recharge our emotional batteries. Yesterday was also my friend Sam's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM! I called Sam to wish him a happy birthday. Mostly my week has been going well except for the friend situation which got resolved yesterday which makes me really happy. I will blog tonight if anything extremely exciting happens otherwise you will see me tomarrow.