Tuesday, July 11, 2006

At work it was a much better day. I didn't get yelled at and my boss gave me a cookie and walked me down to the bus stop. I missed the first bus that comes after work but I got to meet a really cool chinese lady. Then I went down to the Ave and got one of my friends pics developed and had pizza. I looked at a bookstore and was going to buy Death Of A Salesman b/c it was only 95 c but when I went to pay for it it ended up being $4.95. Someone hadn't crossed off the price on the back. I bet lots of people are really confused b/c the price tags are in the front cover. Earlier in my blog I mentioned going on a coffee run. I have not taken up the habit of coffee but the staff does drink coffee and so that is what I called it. None of us got coffee anyway. We all got slushies.