Friday, June 30, 2006

Taking the bus to workisn't necessarily fun but that is how I am going to get to work next week. I have to cross an intersection when I go home and that is what I worked on today. I messed up though because I went with the left turning cars instead of the cars going straight. Oh well I have only crossed that intersection 3 times.

I am going to blog for yesterday as well as today. Yesterday I walked around town and rode the bus to my work site. Then I went to my friends work site and he will be working at a library. It is 9 stories high. I didn't know a library could be that big. After that I came home and had tacos and played soccer with about 5 pepole. It was lots of fun. When almost everyone was going to a comedy place I decided to play hearts with the staff. I had never played hearts before and that was lots of fun.